Selection of Other Advisors

As part of our investment advisory services, we may recommend that you use the services of a third-party money manager ("MM") to manage your entire, or a portion of your, investment portfolio.  The MM's we use are in the capacity of a referring investment advisor to Eqis Capital Management an SEC regulated Investment Advisor. After gathering information about your financial situation and objectives, we may recommend that you engage a specific MM or investment program offered through Eqis Capital. Factors that we take into consideration when making our recommendation(s) include, but are not limited to, the following: the MM's performance, methods of analysis, fees, your financial needs, investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment objectives. We will periodically monitor the MM(s)' performance to ensure its management and investment style remains aligned with your investment goals and objectives.

The MM(s) will actively manage your portfolio and will assume discretionary investment authority over your account. We will assume discretionary authority to hire and fire MM(s) and/or reallocate your assets to other MM(s) where we deem such action appropriate. 

We do not charge you a separate fee for the selection of other advisers. Our advisory fee will be included in the fee you pay directly to the MM. Our advisory fee is set within a range provided by MM(s) for the service of referring clients and assuming the fiduciary responsibility of the MM(s) to meet your objectives.  Written billing information for fees charged by the MM(s) will be provided by the MM(s) to you and include the portion of the fee paid to CSLA Financial Inc.  The advisory fee you pay to the MM is established and payable in accordance with the disclosure brochure provided by each MM to whom you are referred. These fees may or may not be negotiable. Our compensation may differ depending upon the individual agreement we have with each MM. As such, we may have an incentive to recommend one MM over another MM with whom we have less favorable compensation arrangements or other advisory programs offered by MMs with which we have no compensation arrangements. Fees charged by Eqis are in the arrears determined by the average daily balance for the period.  If an advisory agreement is terminated, fees will be prorated for the period of time the account was managed by Eqis.  Clients to participate in this program will not pay a separate charge for custodial or brokerage transaction fees.    Fees and expenses will be charged by mutual funds and exchange traded funds (described in each fund’s prospectus) to their shareholders.  These fees will generally include a management fee and other fund expenses.

For a complete description of services, fees and conflicts of interest please review CSLA Financial's ADV part 2 brochure