Jantz Hoffman - Principal/CCO

Daniel Lungu believes that we should have the client—and only the client—in mind. His mission is to get to know and understand your personal and individual needs, wants, and long-term goals. He want to help you develop, implement, and monitor strategies that designed to address your individual situation.

Daniel understands the challenges families face today. From managing debt to saving for their children college education to retirement, these personal financial challenges can be overwhelming. His commitment to all his clients is to utilize all of our company resources to help you pursue your individual & family goals. As VP of Investments with CSLA Financial, Daniel believe in thinking “out of the box” and not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom in his approach to investing, preserving, and transfer of wealth. All of Daniel’s energy, commitment, and efforts are focused on you, the client, and ensuring your satisfaction.

Daniel Lungu is a graduate from University of the Pacific with a BA in Business/Management & Corporate Social Entrepreneurship. A 2012 Clinton Global delegate and winner of Ambassador Corp' fellowship to Hungary.

Attended Oxford Brookes University for his MA in Businesses Administration.

Current holder of federal licenses 6. 63. 65 & California Life Agent License.

Daniel Lungu focuses on empowering the knowledge youth and millennials possess about the financial industry and the power of starting to save early for their financial goals.

NCAA division one Water Polo player as well as first Hungarian League. Member of the Israeli National team and All American Athlete of the year 2008,2009.  Type your paragraph here.

Daniel Lungu - Vice President of Investments

Jantz Hoffman received his masters in business with a certificate in finance from Colorado State University in 2014 and his bachelors degree in education from Humboldt State University in 2002, where he was also a NCAA  all conference athlete.  After receiving his bachelors degree he proceeded to work in the fast paced environment of hedge funds.  Working his way up from an entry level position, Jantz became the director of FX trading  overseeing a team responsible over $100 MM in asset traded.  In 2009 Jantz co-founded a Commodities Trading Advisory firm with the former business conduct chairman of the Chicago Board of Exchange.

In 2010, Jantz started down the path of assisting those burdened by student debt when he was contacted by a good friend struggling to manage more than $300,000 in student debt.  Upon completion of assisting his friend with managing her student loan repayment, Jantz was being contacted weekly from others in similar predicaments who had heard of the assistance he was providing.  In 2012 Jantz sold his interest in the Commodities Trading Advisory and began focusing his efforts 100% on helping out the millions of people weighed down by student debt. 

In December of 2012 Jantz was featured in an article of the NY Times titled, “For Student Borrowers, Relief Now May Mean a Big Tax Bill Later” and he appeared on PBS’s “Nightly Business Report”.  Since 2012 Jantz has supported numerous advisory firms with more than 1,000 advisors in a consultative role offering planning recommendations, when prospective clients had student debt.

Currently Jantz is the president of a Washington State Investment Advisory firm, CSLA financial Inc, which provides asset management and financial planing services.  Jantz is also the chairman of the board for the Certified Student Loan Advisors Board of Standards, a 501c3 non –profit that in partnership with Humboldt State University administers and oversees the ethical and professional standards of the Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) designation.  Mr. Hoffman is co-instructor of the CSLP® coursework is offered through the California State University System in partnership with Humboldt State University.  The 400 level business course has been approved for Continuing Education credits for Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), and Certified Public Accountants (CPA).  Finally, Jantz is  also a partner in CSLA Tech LLC, a company that provides a web based application used by financial advisors to analyze and make recommendations about loan repayment options.