For a complete description of services, fees and conflicts of interest please review CSLA Financial's ADV part 2 brochure

We offer goal-oriented financial planning advice, which is primarily designed to supplement our portfolio management services, as described above. Financial planning services are offered either through our Individual Goals Planning (IGP) in which we provide you with a one-time financial plan or on a monthly subscription basis through an Interactive Financial Plan (IFP) in which we create and monitor your financial plan on a regular basis. Our financial planning services are available to a variety of clients including those participating in an employer-sponsored financial planning program. Through our IGP services, we offer broad-based, modular, and consultative financial planning services to our clients and prospective clients. Financial planning will typically involve providing a variety of advisory services to clients regarding the management of their financial resources based upon an analysis of their individual needs. These services will also vary among clients as a result of agreements directly with clients, and/or program parameters that may be established by CSLA Financial Inc. and employer sponsors of financial planning services. Financial planning services will even vary among individuals participating within the same employer-sponsored financial planning program.  If you retain our firm and sign either the IGP or IFP agreement which govern the relationship between the client and the firm for financial planning services, we will meet with you to gather information about your financial circumstances and objectives. We may also use financial planning software to determine your current financial position and to define and quantify your long-term goals and objectives. Once we specify those long-term objectives, (both financial and non-financial) we will develop shorter-term, targeted objectives. After we review and analyze the information you provide to our firm and the data derived from our financial planning software, if elected we will deliver a written plan to you, designed to help you achieve your stated financial goals and objectives.

Financial plans are based on your financial situation at the time we present the plan to you, and on the financial information, you provide to our firm. You must promptly notify our firm if your financial situation, goals, objectives, or needs change. In no case will financial planning services or the terms of an employer-sponsored program modify the terms and conditions governing a client’s investment accounts. Those terms and conditions, unless otherwise amended, control for all purposes under such investment accounts.

Per the IGP and IFP agreements, you are under no obligation to act on our financial planning recommendations. Should you choose to act on any of our recommendations, you are not obligated to implement the financial plan through our firm, our advisory representative, or any of our other investment advisory services. Moreover, you may act on our recommendations by placing securities transactions with any brokerage firm.

Financial planning services fees are subject to agreement between CSLA Financial Inc and client, and/or CSLA Financial Inc. and employer sponsors. Our fees related to employer-sponsored program services may be paid, in whole or in part, by the employer sponsor or individual to whom services are being provided. Employer sponsors of financial counseling programs are responsible for determining the amount of income to impute to individual participants. We do not provide any advice regarding such imputation of income.

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