Description of Services offered under the Individual Goal Plan (IGP) agreement:

Cash Flow/Debt Management - Provide advice about debt repayment strategies that may include but is not limited to consolidation, refinancing or debt negotiation with outside vendors. 

  • Employee Benefits - Recommendations about employer-sponsored plans that are not provided by our firm.  This could include but is not limited to review of investment funds, health insurance options, disability, deferred compensation and other nonqualified Employer-provided benefits
  • Tax Planning Strategies - We do not provide Tax advice. However, we will provide financial advice that incorporates tax strategies.  This could include loss harvesting, qualified contributions, and general business planning among other planning options
  • Estate Planning - Services that include the transfer of wealth from one generation to another.  Many times, this service will include the introduction and analysis of advice given by Certified Public Accountants and Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Individual Goals Plan - Complete recommendations about the personal finances of the individual, beginning with a personal budget using personal and financial goals to create an execution-based plan for attaining the objectives desired.  This plan is expected to be a comprehensive financial plan.
  • Student Loan Repayment - An analysis and explanation of various repayment options, their liabilities and their affect on financial planning.
  • Risk management - A review of current and future risks either in the personal life or business.  The goal of this service is to identify risk to personal/financial/business planning and recommend ways to reduce or offset those risks.
  • Retirement Planning - Analysis to determine the amount need to be saved in order to achieve the lifestyle desired in retirement. 
  • College Planning - The service will provide a parent with the different means of funding a child's college education, the amount required to be saved, an alternative means of funding a college education that focus on repayment strategies for those that plan to finance college costs.
  • Investment Consultation - This service is to analyze and provide advice on a specific investment being considered.  The service is limited to the one investment and is not to be considered within the context of other investments.
  • Annual Review - This service is offered to do an annual review of a financial plan that is not under the management of CSLA Financial Inc.  Some people may want to self-invest or have other managers but are interested in an annual review of progress made on a financial plan implemented elsewhere. 
  • Other - Advice on other financial concerns that the client may want examined by the advisor that do not fit under one of the before mentioned headings.  Examples may include but are not limited to, business planning, incorporating, or home purchase vs renting.Type your paragraph here.

The Individual Goals Process involves the following four steps:

  1. Discovery: Interactive discussion where we listen to discover what is really important to you. Essential information will be gathered to clarify your financial objectives and what you feel would make life better for you.
  2. Analysis: Review the analysis prepared to understand your unique situation which measures and clarifies your specific goals. This helps you determine your priorities and your appropriate financial commitment.
  3. Solutions: Based on your situation analysis and the priorities you have identified; appropriate solutions will be presented. These solutions will provide you the best value. This will begin the implementation stage of your plan.
  4. Service: Establish a well-structured communications and service schedule of future meetings with you as appropriate, to stay on track and make any necessary future adjustments (see the Interactive Financial Plan)

Through the IGP agreement you may request specific consulting services that do not require a written financial plan, under the IGP agreement we can provide  modular financial planning or general consulting services on an hourly basis.  CSLA Financial's hourly rate for financial planning is $150. 

Individual Goal Plan

For a complete description of services, fees and conflicts of interest please review CSLA Financial's ADV part 2 brochure