We offer portfolio management services to our clients and prospective clients through our Asset Management Program.  These management services are offered on both a discretionary and no discretionary basis with regard to the allocation and investment management of client assets among various asset categories such as equity securities, fixed income securities, and exchange-traded funds.

CSLA Financial Inc.'s asset allocation models range from conservative short term to aggressive long term.  They are developed and managed in accordance with research and analysis conducted by CSLA Financial Inc. Once the client portfolio is constructed, CSLA Financial Inc. provides continuous supervision of the portfolio as changes in market conditions and client circumstances may require.

Working with our clients, CSLA Financial Inc. tailors’ investment advice to meet the needs and investment objectives of its clients. If you retain our firm for portfolio management services, we will meet with you to determine your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and other relevant information (the "suitability information") at the beginning of our advisory relationship. We will use the suitability information we gather from our initial meeting to place you in a strategy that enables our firm to provide its advice. Through continuous interaction with our clients, CSLA Financial Inc. is able to give you continued focused investment advice and/or to make investments on your behalf.

As part of our portfolio management services, we customize an investment portfolio for you in accordance with your risk tolerance and investing objectives. We will then allocate and manage your assets among various asset classes. These asset classes include U.S. Equity, U.S. Fixed Income, U.S. Government Securities, International Equity and International Fixed Income. These allocations may change from time-to-time with the changing needs of our clients. It is important, therefore, that our clients continue to inform us of changes in their investment needs and objectives.

Our service also includes assistance in the selection, retention, and disposition of investment positions. We offer a unique product line where asset allocation models, ranging from conservative short term to aggressive long term, are developed and managed based on our proprietary research and analysis. Once we construct an investment portfolio for you, we monitor your portfolio's performance on an ongoing basis and will rebalance the portfolio as required by changes in market conditions and changes in your financial circumstances as you inform us.

For a complete description of services, fees and conflicts of interest please review CSLA Financial's ADV part 2 brochure

Portfolio Management Services